Adobe Illustrator - Types of Masks - Class 13 - Urdu / Hindi

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Adobe   Illustrator   -   Types   of   Masks   -   Class   13   -   Urdu   /   Hindi  

In this class you will learn about Masking in Illustrator. So there are 3 types of masking in Adobe Illustrator, Clipping Mask which is a vector mask, Draw Inside which is also a type of Clipping Mask but a little different method to use and third is Opacity Mask which is very similar to Layer Mask in Adobe Photoshop. You will also learn how to Mask a raster object as well as how to use Raster Image as a Mask. As discussed in video If you want to share your artwork and discuss please join Facebook GFXMentor - Community Group. Here\'s the complete playlist of Adobe Illustrator Training so far, I suggest, if you are new to Adobe Illustrator you should watch whole playlist from the beginning. Please subscribe to get updates on upcoming videos. Here you will learn Adobe Illustrator Complete Course in Urdu / Hindi. Connect with me on Facebook: Vector grunge used in this video licence. Designed by Freepik Raster grunge image used from:

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