Flash CS4 Tutorial - Distort or Skew Video Perspective in Flash AS 3.0 - 3D Rotation Tool - [English]

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Download Free Flash CS4 fla file here http://www.developphp.com/Flash_tuts/AS3_video_skewed_CS4.php you can learn how to distort your video perspective if you happen to create custom video in your flash applications. The video, fla file with code, and everythign you need is in the zip file. The video play code is very simple, and there are no video controls, this is just a simple how-to on distorting the perspective of the movieclips that hold your videos, or any movieclip animations for that matter. So not only videos, but any movieclips with or without animations can be distorted in a 3d perspective that renders out nice angles without having to depend on Papervision or the sandyFlash thing. A lot of people look to get this functionality, and finally flash made it to where you don't have to depend on any other applications to achieve these effects. Only in CS4 is it this easy to do. Be sure to target Flash Player 10 in your publish settings.

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