Don t put that in your mouth- Jeffrey Smith GMO Food-English

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A short lecture by the leading expert on Genetically Modified foods Jeffrey Smith the author of Seeds of Deception and Genetic Roulette the lecture gives you a summary of what is included in the books this is a must hear for all on the dangers of GM food Google Codex Alimentarius www seedsofdeception com www geneticroulette com www globalresearch ca ____________________________________ he introduction of genetically modified (GM) food and crops has been a disaster. The science of taking genes from one species and inserting them into another was supposed to be a giant leap forward, but instead they pose a serious threat to biodiversity and our own health. In addition, the real reason for their development has not been to end world hunger but to increase the stranglehold multinational biotech companies already have on food production. Genetically modified crops can enter the food chain and threaten biodiveristyWe are told that GM crops will help feed the world's poor but according to the United Nations, we already produce more than enough food to satisfy everyone. And even though consumers have rejected GM foods outright, the biotech companies and the governments that support them are still trying to force their inventions on us, purely for commercial gain. But the long term effects of GM crops have not been properly researched and, by cross-pollinating with non-GM crops and wild plants, they replicate themselves and contaminate the environment with genetic pollution that is impossible to clean up. The simple truth is, we don't need GM technology. Using sustainable and organic farming methods will allow us to repair the damage done by industrial farming, reducing the excessive use of fertiliser, herbicides and other man-made chemicals, and making GM crops redundant. If you want a future free from GM food, help us make sure that companies and governments around the world get the message.

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