[24/09/19] The Debate - Israel\'s Influence in the US - English

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The United States has always maintained full-fledged military and financial support for Israel. on many occasions Washington has even gone as far as violating international law and human rights to perpetuate its blind advocacy for tel aviv. on the other hand, there are reports of aipac and its donors holding fundraisers unofficially so that the money doesn’t show up on disclosures as coming directly from aipac. the Israeli lobby is said to have influence on US politicians. what’s behind the decades-old US support for tel aviv? how far has the Israeli lobby infiltrated the US deep state? Watch Live: http://www.presstv.com/live.html Twitter: http://twitter.com/PressTV LiveLeak: http://www.liveleak.com/c/PressTV Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/PRESSTV Instagram: http://instagram.com/presstvchannel #PressTV #Iran #News

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