Lady Masuma (A): An Intercessor for the Shia | Ayatollah Fatimi Nia | Farsi Sub English

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What do the infallible Imams (A) have to say about the great status of lady Fatima al-Masooma (A)? And what position has Allah the All-mighty bestowed upon her eminence with regards to intercession on the Day of Judgement? Furthermore, does lady Fatima Masooma (A) only hold a high status in worshipping Allah and being pious or did she possess more? The late Ayatollah Fateminia speaks about the great status of lady Fatima al-Masooma (A) and narrates a small incident from his own life that made a huge impact on him as regards to her eminence, lady Fatima al-Masooma (A). Blessings be upon all the believers, upon the auspicious birth anniversary of the esteemed lady of the Ahlul Bayt (A), lady Fatima al-Masuma (A).

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