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The eternal legacy of Imam Husayn (A), Ashura and Karbala presented through poetic words accompanied by a poignant yet powerful beat. This next generation musical piece will empower, motivate, inspire and educate many inshallah. See, we all know Husayn, the stand that he made, But the name of Hasan can’t be allowed to fade Today we forget but on the dry plains that day His son shouted out his name saying: “I am Qasim, I won’t let you win! I am the son of Hasan, I’m his next of kin” But they circled around him, attacked from all sides, And it tore up Husayn to see this young boy die… #ImamHusayn #Karbala #Justice #Freedom #Humanity #Love #HusaynForHumanity #Iraq #Yazid #Justice #Muharram #WhoIsHussain #WhoIsHusayn #7Concept #IslamicRap #IslamicNasheed #Arbaeen #Arbaeen2020 #Ashura

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