The Crimes of Nakshawani | British Shiaism III | BACKFIRE | English

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*The content in this video complies with fair use guidelines.* Our old friend has shot himself in the foot. And this time, he has gone a little too far. In his dubious lecture titled, “’British Shi\\\'ism\\\' - Dr. Sayed Ammar Nakshawani” - jam-packed full of fallacies and disinformation - Nakshawani boldly claimed, “Ayatollah Khamenei was of those who had attacked the British Shia community”. He attempted to hijack the term, “British Shiaism” and mislead his listeners into thinking that it refers to the entire Shia population in the UK. Shaykh Muzaffer Abbas Hyder - a scholar who was born, raised and educated in South London, England - refutes the false assertions of Nakshawani. In fact, Nakshawani has manipulated the truth. How does Nakshawani attempt to emotionally manipulate his audience in order to rile up contempt for Imam Khamenei and the Islamic Revolution? How does Nakshawani exploit the insecurities, attachments and heritage of the Shia population in the UK in order to deceive them? How does Nakshwani fully reveal himself as an open supporter of the deviant, extremist Shirazi cult and sectarian adherents of British Shiaism? How does Nakshawani attempt to downplay the significance of the Islamic Revolution? Is Nakshawani part of a cultish, sectarian outfit which is furthering the agenda of the British Regime; to deviate a number of Shias and create a new deviant “sect”? It is the duty of every believer to recognize those who are misleading the society and to speak out against them. We will reveal how all the deviant attempts of the enemies will #backfire against them, Insha\\\'Allah. #IslamicPulse #BackFire #AmmarNakshawani #BritishShiaism #Mi6 #CIA #IslamicUnity #Brotherhood #Respect #Love #Tolerance #Quran #Ahlulbayt #Sunni #Shia #BISKIT #BritishShiaism #ImamKhamenei #AyatollahSistani #AyatollahAraki #Marjas #Sectarianism #DivideAndRule #OneUmmah

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