Worms who Fast too - Animal Instincts - English

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Visit our website for more episodes! http://ramadhan4u.com to make your ramadhan a productive Ramadhan. Visit our website for more episode! http://ramadhan4u.com to make your ramadhan a productive Ramadhan. SUBHANALLAH.. Animals fast too!! Check out our new series.. Animal Instincts Silkworms: Silkworms fast completely from food and drink at several stages throughout their life cycle. In the beginning of spring, the eggs incubate small gluttonous larvae. The newly hatched larvae feed on mulberry leaves for five days and their bodies, therefore, grow up very quickly to the extent that their skin cannot bear this rapid development and so it's replaced by another spacious one. They must fast for one or two days until their bodies are physically able to cast away the old skin. This process repeats itself five times during the earliest stage before the completion of this metamorphosis over about thirty days. After this it enters into another kind of fasting. It takes shelter in a quiet location to spin a covering for their pupae stage. The larva spins only one thread of fine, strong, lustrous fibre, the length ranging from 400 to 1200 metres and this thread makes a covering called a cocoon, fully made of silk. The silkworm enters into the fasting, no-feeding stage (between the larva and adult in the metamorphosis of holometabolous insects) and during this period it undergoes complete transformation within the protective cocoon. It has now fully developed into a beautiful silkworm moth, which lays its eggs after fertilization. It spends the remaining five days of its life in a state of fasting after it lays its fertilized eggs. Eltemas Dua :) R4U Team For more information visit www.ramadhan4u.com

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