The Will of the Yemeni Nation | Sayyid Hashim al-Haidari | Arabic Sub English

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The Will of the Yemeni Nation | Sayyid Hashim al-Haidari The resistant nation of Yemen continues to stand tall against the criminal regime of Aal Saud. The crimes committed by the American backed rogue regime is a slap on the face of humanity and the so-called flag-bearers of human rights. Millions of Yemenis are subjected to starvation by Saudi Arabia, yet the brave nation of Yemen is not giving in to the terrorist regime of Aal Saud and its Zionist masters! Sayyid Hashim explains the will and determination of this great Yemeni nation. #LongLiveResistance #DeathToAmerica #DeathToisrael #DeathToAalSaud

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