Fatima Zahra (A); The Convergence of Home, Politics, & Worship | Imam Khamenei | Farsi Sub English

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How was the regular life of the esteemed lady hazrat Fatima Zahra (A)? Why is she a role model for humanity in all aspects of life? And what is the shining point in the life of this noble lady? Furthermore, was she only an excellent housewife, having no role in society and politics, or was she efficiently and effectively showing her presence in all fields? And did her duties as a wife and a mother interfere with her political activities? Additionally, what was her attitude towards worshipping Allah and praying and supplicating to Allah? Moreover, what is Islam’s point of view on politics, worship, and family life? And are these three in conflict with one another or is it possible to have all three aspects to our lives? And finally, what are the characteristics of a perfect human being? Imam Sayid Ali Khamenei sheds light on the different aspects of the life of Lady Fatima – peace be upon her – and enlightens the masses on how to live a multi-dimensional and complete life by giving examples from the life of the esteemed Lady Fatima Zahra (A), as his eminence speaks about \"Fatima Zahra (A); The Convergence of Home, Politics, & Worship\".

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