The Holy Qur'an: A True Love Story | IP Talk Show | English

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What relationship do we have the holy Qur\'an? And what kind of a relationship should we have with the holy Qur\'an? How can we make the holy Qur\'an an integral and fundamental part of our life? Is the holy Qur\'an a living being? How can this be proven? Is the recitation of the holy Qur\'an limited to just the recitation of the Arabic? And is the recitation of the holy Qur\'an in its original Arabic insignificant? How is the real power of the holy Qur\'an manifested? How should we reflect upon the holy Qur\'an? Why are we willing to listen to everyone, but we seldom bother to listen to what Allah has to say? What are some common mistakes that we make when we try to teach our children the holy Qur\'an? And what are some things that we can do in order to encourage our children to read the holy Qur\'an? Finally, when it comes to the recitation of the holy Qur\'an, what will help us to achieve the maximum effect in our heart and soul? In order to answer these questions and more, we decided to invited Shaykh Muzaffer Hyder from the United Kingdom to discuss \"The Holy Qur\'an: A True Love Story\". #IslamicPulse #IPTalkShow #Allah #Quran #PureMuhammadanIslam #Islam #AhlulBayt #Shia #Recitation

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