Get Out of Our al-Quds! | Resistance Rap | Farsi Sub English

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\"It is the Day of Resurrection; and the world is on its feet.\" \"The mountain in a state of Rukoo; and the field is its Sajjadeh.\" \"Fatima (A)’s son will come; he will show Haydar (A)’s visage.\" \"He is the Khaybar-breaking hero; he will open the door of Khaybar.\" \"We will soon Iftar in Al-Quds! Al-Quds is ours; Al-Quds is ours!\" This and more in this resistance rap by Mojall in ode to the liberation of Palestine and the day when we will soon Iftar in al-Quds. Palestine Will Be Free, From the River to the Sea! So, \"Get Out of Our al-Quds!\"

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