Surah Hujurat, Verse No. 2 | The Signs of Allah | English

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In this episode of our journey through \\\"The Signs of Allah\\\", Shaykh Muhammad Husayn speaks about Chapter No. 49 of the holy Qur\\\'an, Surah Hujurat, and the 2nd verse within it. What does Surah Hujurat teach us about speaking? And how did the Messenger of Allah (S) speak? And how should we not behave when it comes to the leaders of the Muslim community? How should we interact with each other? And what is the difference between Tarfau\\\' and Tajharu\\\'? Finally, how did some people disrespect the Messenger of Allah (S)? It only takes a few minutes to witness \\\"The Signs of Allah\\\", but it could very well change your lives for the better, for forever. #Allah #TheSignsofAllah #IslamicPulse #Quran #Tafsir #Islam #TheWord #Hujurat #AhlulBayt

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