Significance And Virtues of Salawat | English

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This video showcases the Significance And Virtues of Salawat and it highlights its Ahmiyat-o-Fazeelat The content of this video is extracted from the book \"Fazaael e Salwaat Aur Mushkilaat ka Hal\" Kindly note as this book is written in Hindi, the translation in English is done by the video creator. If any mistake, kindly bring into the notice. Subscribe our channel to never miss empowering videos from the teachings of Ahlul Bayt (ams) Jazakullah Khair for watching and supporting us. We really appreciate it. May Allah (swt) accept our sincere services and provide us the taufiq to implement the teachings in our lives. AMEEN #tehzeebulislamstudio, #salawat, #benefitsofsalawat, #salawatkifazilat

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