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Who was Abdullah ibn Rawahah al-Ansari? In this episode of Unsung Heroes, Sayyid Haydar Jamaludeen speaks about \"Abdullah ibn Rawahah\". Yet, who was Abdullah ibn Rawahah al-Ansari, how did he live his life, and what was his biographical background? What was the original name of the city of Medina? And which city did Abdullah ibn Rawahah come from? What was the first and second pledges of Aqabah and why were they given the name Aqabah? What were the two famous tribes that lived in the city of Yathrib? Who were the Muhajireen and who were the Ansar; and what do these names mean? Who was Abu Darda\' and what did Abdullah ibn Rawahah do to his idols, and why did he do so; and in the end, what happened to Abu Darda\' due to this action of Abdullah ibn Rawahah? Why did the Battle of Mu\'tah occur and how many soldiers did the enemy send for this battle? And finally, how did Abdullah ibn Rawahah al-Ansari attain the lofty status of martyrdom? Find out this and more in this episode about one of the most loyal, devout, and faithful companions of the Messenger of Allah (S), \"Abdullah ibn Rawahah\", as Sayyid Haydar Jamaludeen goes through some of the beautiful, honorable, and yet largely overlooked \"Unsung Heroes\" of Islam. #IslamicPulse #UnsungHeroes #Islam #Allah #Quran #AhulBayt #Muslim #Martyrdom #Shahadat #History #Martyr #Shaheed #Honor #Valor #Sacrifice #Chivalry #Courage #Abdullah #Rawahah #AbdullahIbnRawahah #Prophet #Muhammad #MessengerOfAllah #ImamAli #Medina #Yathrib #Mecca

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