Do You Really Know Imam al-Mahdi? | Sister Spade | English

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You know, sometimes you think you know someone, but actually you just know OF them. So then, what\'s the difference between knowing OF someone and REALLY knowing someone? How do you treat someone you REALLY know versus someone who you just know of? Finally, but most importantly, it\'s time to think hard about whether you just know OF the Imam of your time or you REALLY know the Imam of your time. Sister Spade explains something we all need to understand and work on. It\'s not enough to simply know OF the Imam. It\'s time to REALLY know the Imam of your time, for he surely not only knows OF you, but he REALLY knows you as well. #SisterSpade #IslamicPulse #Life #Questions #Islam #Quran #Ahlulbayt #RealityCheck #Mahdi #ImamMahdi #Saviour #TheAwaitedOne #Imam_Mahdi

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