[163] Hadith Explanation by Imam Khamenei | Abstain From Sins | Farsi Sub English

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Ayatollah Sayyid Ali Khamenei narrates and explains a tradition narrated from Imam Ja\'far al-Sadiq (A) to Hafs ibne Ghias, where his eminence speaks about an incident that happened to his eminence, Prophet Musa Ibne Imran (A). What did Prophet Musa (A) say to a man who had been prostrating for a long time and asking his needs from Allah? And what did Allah say in response to the statement of Prophet Musa (A) to that man? Furthermore, what is the example that Ayatullah Sayyid Ali Khamenei repeatedly states when talking about the effects of sins? And what is one of the primary things that the spiritual masters tell their students to do in their spiritual journey towards Allah? Finally, what happens when a person starts to abstain from sins? Ayatollah Sayyid Ali Khamenei expounds upon a narration regarding Prophet Musa (A) stated to us by the divinely appointed Imam, Imam Ja\'far al-Sadiq (A).

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