Azaadi | Kashmir Solidarity Day | 5th Feb 2021 | ISPR - Urdu English

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“Azadi”, an innocent demand on the lips of a people living under siege. 12 million Kashmiris are denied rights to a promise made 73 years ago, the right to self-determination; a right guaranteed in the Indian Partition Plan, in the UNSC resolutions and in the Indian constitution. However, with the abrogation of Article 370, the promised rights of Kashmiris are under extreme threat. A relentless fascism sweeps the state of India; hellbent on changing demographics in Kashmir. . ____________________ #Kashmir #IndianIllegallyOccupiedKashmir #SolidarityDay #5thFebruary2021 #Article370 #IIOJK #Azadi #Abrogation #IIOJK #Lockdown

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