Imam Redha (A) and Lady Masuma (A) | Surud | Farsi Sub English

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\"When I am drowned in turmoil, [and] I\'m wandering lost in my own world; I either go to Mashhad or I become the pilgrim of the Benevolent Lady of Qom.\" Salutations be upon the believers across the world upon the auspicious birth anniversaries of Lady Fatima Masuma (A) and his eminence, the eighth divinely appointed Imam, Imam Ali al-Redha (A). This beautiful Surood Nasheed - Barkat-e-Iran - recited by the little soldiers of Imam al-Zaman (A), encapsulates perfectly the feelings of the lovers of Imam Redha (A) and Lady Fatima Masooma (A).

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