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Welcome to the Islamic Pulse Talk Show. In this episode we're answering the fundamental question, "Is Islam A Religion of Politics?". Why is this question such an important question that needs answering? What is one of the objectives for the Almighty Allah to send divinely appointed Prophets (A) to the Earth? What does it mean when it is said that Islam is a comprehensive religion and it includes all aspects of life? What kind of view of Islam do the people have that don't have a deep understanding of Islam? What are some examples of Islam's nurturing of and encouraging social life? What are some interesting points about the congregational Friday prayers known as the Jum'ah Prayers and its relation to the discussion at hand? What role does the Masjid play in the original and Pure Muhammadan Islam of the Messenger of Allah (S)? Where can the roots of the separation of politics from Islam ultimately be traced back to? What is the concept of a 'spiritual Wilayah' and a 'social Wilayah'; and where were they united? Why is it said that an Islam without politics is a 'weak' Islam? What did Imam Khomeini (R) mean when he said that before the Islamic Revolution, Islam was like a dead horse? What is the source of all the progress that is being seen in the Islamic Republic of Iran? If the other divinely appointed Imams (A) had the opportunity to establish a government, would they? What is an interesting story about an Englishman in a Muslim country, and how is it related to our discussion and our mourning ceremonies in the month of Muharram and Safar? What is a profound statement of Imam Husayn (A) that shows us that his eminence's stand was for all of humanity and for all of time? And in the end, "Is Islam A Religion of Politics? To answer these questions and many more, we humbly invited Shaykh Hurr Shabbiri from the United Kingdom, to sit down with us and speak a little bit about the answer to the age-old question, "Is Islam A Religion of Politics?". Unfortunate that after so many years, we are still answering this age-old question, whose answer is all so fundamentally crystal clear. #IslamicPulse #IPTalkShow #Allah #Muslims #Shia #Islam #Quran #Politics #PoliticalIslam #Secularism #Resistance #Taghut #Falsehood #Truth #Justice #ImamKhamenei #Imam #ImamKhomeini #Wilayate #AhlulBayt #Imamate #Wilayah #WilayatAlFaqih #Khamenei #JihadeTabyiin #AwaitedOne #Mahdi #Media #SoftWar #IslamicRepublic #Revolution #Resistance #IslamicRevolution #IslamicAwareness

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