[Fikri Nashist] Rasool e Akram (s.a.w.) Ba'Hasiyat Basheer wa Nazeer | H.I Molana Syed Kazim Abbas Naqvi | Oct 2021 | Urdu

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Fikri Nashist (Educational Session) was arranged by BIS on the topic of : رسول اکرم ص بحثیت بشیر و نذیر Beautiful Hamd was recited by Syed Zaigham Rizvi. Followed with a heart rendering manqabat by Syed Masoom Ali Karbalai. The speech of Molana Syed Kazim Abbas Naqvi was informative and spiritually enlightening. The program concluded with a beautiful Naat by Dr. Imtiaz Hussain. Please watch all segments of the program included in the Playlist. Visit Board of Islamic Studies (BIS) website for more information about our organization: www.biseducation.org

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