Can You Answer Just 3 Questions? | One Minute Wisdom | English

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In this world full of discord and misguidance, the Messenger of Allah (S) gives three pieces of advice that can help us get through the maze. What are those three pieces of advice? And when these pieces of advice are put in question form, what kind of questions would they be? And \\\\\\\"Can You Answer Just 3 Questions?\\\\\\\" Well, in this One Minute Wisdom, Sayyid Shahryar uses the wise words of the holy Prophet Muhammad (S) to shed a little light on three questions that we need to answer, and their answers will give us a shining light for guidance. But Don\\\\\\\'t Take Too Long; We Only Have A Minute. #IslamicPulse #OneMinuteWisdom #OMW #Akhlaq #Ethics #Morality #Islam #Quran #AhlulBayt #Muslim #Shia #Muhammad #Prophet #Guidance #Knowledge #Wisdom

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