Patience, Certainty, Justice, and Jihad: Imam Ali ibne Abi Talib (A) | IP Talk Show | English

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According to a tradition from the Commander of the Faithful, Imam Ali (A), what four things does Eman - Faith - stand upon? What is the true Islamic concept of Sabr - Patience? And what are some of the different kinds of patience? What amount of certainty do we have in our belief? How many levels are there for Yaqeen - Certainty? What are some aspects of Adl - Justice and how does it relate to our faith? Finally, what are the root letters of Jihad and what are some dimensions of Jihad? In order to answer these questions we invited Shaykh Muhammad Husayn from Trinidad and Tobago, to sit down with us and discuss the life and martyrdom of Imam Ali (A). Our condolences to the believers all across the world upon the martyrdom anniversary of the Commander of the Faithful, the first divinely appointed Imam, Imam Ali ibne Abi Talib (A). #IslamicPulse #IPTalkShow #Imam #Ali #Shahadat #ImamAli #Martyrdom #Imamate #Wilayate #21Ramadan #Allah #AhlulBayt #Allegiance #Islam #Quran #Thaqalain #Ramadan #Zulfiqar

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