Surah Hujurat, Verse No. 7 | The Signs of Allah | English

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In this episode of our journey through \\\"The Signs of Allah\\\", Shaykh Muhammad Husayn follows up the previous episode and continues to speak about Chapter No. 49 of the holy Qur\\\'an, and the 7th verse within it. What is the name of the 49th chapter of the holy Qur\\\'an? Who was Walid ibn Uqba? What did he suggest to the holy Prophet Muhammad (S)? Who was the Bani Mustaliq? What is \\\'Wahi\\\'? And why does the holy Prophet (S) not receive education from other human beings? Finally, what is an interesting thing regarding Imam Ali (A) that the traditions and the commentators say about a specific phrase in this verse number 7 of chapter Hujurat? It only takes a few minutes to witness \\\"The Signs of Allah\\\", but it could very well change your lives for the better, for-ever. #Allah #TheSignsofAllah #IslamicPulse #Quran #Tafsir #Islam #TheWord #Hujurat #AhlulBayt

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