[18 July 2012] Al Saud fails to implement reforms - English

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[18 July 2012] Al Saud fails to implement reforms - English Despite being world's biggest crude exporter, sixty percent of the people in Saudi Arabia live below the country's poverty line, a Saudi newspaper reported. In an article published by the Okaz daily, Saudi journalist, Khaled al-Harbi wrote that while Saudi Arabia earns 1,500 billion riyals (around 400 billion dollars) a year, the average salary of an ordinary Saudi citizen should not be 1,500 riyals (around 400 dollars). According to official figures released by Consultative Assembly of Saudi Arabia (Shura), about 22 percent of Saudi citizens - at least 3 million citizens - live below the poverty line. Press TV has conducted an interview with Zayd al-Isa, a Middle East expert in London, to further discuss the issue.

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