Iran Entered in Space - Persian News

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Pentagon officials have claimed that Iran's successful rocket launch could lead into developing ballistic missiles that could threaten Europe and urged plans to deploy a US missile-defense system to Poland and the Czech Republic. "As they (Iranians) advance in that program, Europe becomes more and more threatened by it," Pentagon Spokesman, Geoff Morrell, alleged on Tuesday. "And, to us, it makes all the more clear the need for a missile defense program to protect our allies in Europe, as well as ourselves." DPA quoted him as saying. Iran launched its domestic sounding rocket, Kavoshgar I, into space simultaneously with the inauguration of its first domestic satellite complex on Monday. Kavoshgar I was launched as a preliminary step towards sending the 'Omid Satellite' into orbit. Omid is the first advanced scientific research satellite exclusively designed and made by Iranian scientists. Iran has repeatedly declared that its scientific breakthroughs pose no threat to other countries

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