[12 May 13] Palestinians protest israels plans to construct wall around al-Walaja - English

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A demonstration was held in the village of Al Walaja, Bethlehem, against Israel\'s plans to build a wall that will encircle the village and isolate the residents from Bethlehem. When the wall is complete, there will be one entrance into the village where 500 people reside, that will be guarded by Israeli soldiers. The entrance will isolate the villagers from the nearby village of Beit Jala and the centre of Bethlehem. The protesters marched towards the gate where they were met with Israeli soldiers who forbade them from passing. The Israeli soldiers then attacked the protesters using sound grenade and tear gas. They then sprayed one protester directly in the eyes with pepper spray. Munder continued to explain how this would personally affect the residents of Al Walaje village. This is the third gate that has been erected in the village, two of which have been closed by the Israeli army. On Wednesday, the al Walaja village council stated that the new gate would cause serious issues as the road us used regularly by the residents and it will block them from farming their agricultural land nearby. It will furthermore prevent school children from accessing their local school in Beit Jala. The villagers and Popular committee have called upon international human rights groups to take immediate action to remove the Israeli gate. As you can see this gate behind us is now isolating the villagers of al Walaja from Bethlehem and they are now planning on building a wall that will completely encircle al Walaja village separating and isolating them inside.

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