Protest in Washington DC against Islamophobia and Obscene Film - 22 Septermber 2012 - English

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Short: September 22 Muslim Congress led a Natioanwide Solidarity Campaign to honor all Prophets. Details: The world is witness today to yet another deplorable incident in a growing trend of Islamophobia in our policy and society. The insult to the Prophet of Islam has been grave indeed, and it is a direct result of the hate-mongering from policy makers which has emboldened such bigotry. Islam respects and honors monotheistic Prophets such as Adam, Noah, Jesus, Moses, Abraham, and the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon them all) and considers the ridiculing of these personalities a great sin and disrespect. We must come together to bring the conversation back to American national politics of hate-mongering against Muslims, which is implemented to create an environment of bigotry so American foreign policy of murder and plunder can be justified to the public. The fact that elected officials have personally encouraged bigotry against Muslims and Muslim communities in the US (from the King hearings to NYPD profiling to anti-sharia bills), has only cultivated a culture of hate which has resulted in a despicable film like this. We sympathize with all those families who have lost their innocent loved ones, Muslims, Jews or Christians, due to world events stemming from the disgraceful acts of the film\\\\\\\'s producers and supporters. We invite all to peacefully voice their opposition to this disrespect, obscenity, hate-mongering and yet another incident of Islamophobia in a growing list of bigoted acts. Credit:

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