Sunnis Love Imam Hussain and These Saudis Love Yazid - Arabic

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On a LIVE TV Show on Saudi TV Al Majd a Saudi Mufti in response to a callers questions stated the following quote Allegiance of Yazid Ibn Muawiya was shari (legitimate) according to the sharia which was taken at the time of his father Muawiya and people had accepted and surrendered to it. But after Muawiya died, Hassan and Husain Ibn Ali and Ibn Zubair withheld their allegiances. Husain and Ibn Zubair In their decision of not giving their allegiance were wrong. Because allegiance to Yazid was legitimate and was taken during his fathers life Muawiya and were witnessed by the people. But whatever Allah makes destiny is in that Hakeem and Aleem. But after all we ask Allah to be happy with Husain and request Allah for his forgiveness. Why we have to mention this whatever mistake he made he is responsible for that Sunnis Love Imam Hussain and These Saudis Love Yazid - Arabic - Listen to this monkey who is justifying the most corrupt ruler and a rebel to the Islam.

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