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It went off just outside a Shiite mosque in the city's main Qisakhawani bazaar which was packed with shoppers, police said, but it was not clear if the mosque was the target. Most of the victims Martyred when an explosives-laden car blew up in a busy marketplace in the heart of Peshawar, the capital of the violence-hit province bordering Afghanistan. A powerful bomb ripped through the Saraye Alamadar-e-Karbala located in Peshawar at around 19:30 HRS last night it was learnt. The blast, which Martyred 27 Shiite and wounded 84, occurred just hours after six people died in a car bomb explosion at a market in the semi-autonomous Orakzai tribal district near Peshawar. The blast was immediately followed by a power-break down making it difficult to carry-out the rescue efforts. Meanwhile, the security agencies have fully cordoned off the site of the blast; the exact number of martyrs is still being ascertained. The place a sort of hotel-inn is utilized by Shiites on their way to Parachinar en-route Peshawar as a stay-house for a stop-over .The victims include Shiites largely hailing from Parachinar intending to celebrate their Eid-ul-Azha with relatives back home - which alas-was not to be ! ABNA NEWS AGENCY extends its heartfelt condolences to Twelve's Imam (pbuh) on the martyrdom of His beloved sons, The Leader of the World Muslims Grand Ayatollah al-Uzma Seyyed Ali Khamenei, Grand Ayatollah al-Uzma Seyyed Ali al-Sistani, and the dignified and noble of the martyred families

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