[29 July 2012] West Bank under fire - Remember Palestine - English

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[29 July 2012] West Bank under fire - Remember Palestine - English A number of NGOs including UNICEF and the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights as well as Palestinian Al Haq and the Israeli Yesh Din, issued yet another statement on the continued rise in settler violence against Palestinians in the occupied West Bank. The statement which states there has been an astounding 150% increase in settler violence since 2009 comes just a few days after a lethal attack on a Palestinian who was repeatedly stabbed by settlers after just being shot by Israeli soldiers. A report from the Palestine Center published this year identifies three potential causes for settler violence; it\'s response to Israeli government actions; it\'s a product of demographics and security arrangements; it is a response to Palestinian violence. The report also states that while Israeli settler violence is not new, the extent and frequency with which it is perpetrated today is new.

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