[24 July 2012] Abdul Jabbar Sloot: My journey to Islam - English

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[24 July 2012] Abdul Jabbar Sloot: My journey to Islam - English In this edition of the show we talk to Abdul Jabbar Sloot about his journey to Islam. He talks about his challenges and changes as a Muslim convert in Britain before and after embracing the world's fastest-growing religion. Before converting to Islam, 42-year old Abdul was constantly seeking for a way to reach the divine. He even took part in official drug testing as a way to reach what he thought was a more spiritual state of life. However, he soon realized that this was not the right path for him. Having grown up in a tiny English countryside village close to Cambridge, Abdul went to church every Sunday as a child and took part in all the activities held by the local Christian community. But as he grew up, he was not satisfied. After getting married he had several hallucinations that lead him to speak with a college tutor who introduced him to a Sheikh in Tottenham. His first conversation with the Sheikh inspired him so much that he took his shahada the very next day. A few months later his wife, too converted to Islam, after having a series of conversations with the same sheikh. The sheikh played such an important role in their decision-making process, and they feel an enormous gratitude to him for helping them on the right path towards Islam. They now have 5 children whom they have brought up as Muslim and lead a simple and peaceful life in the English countryside. Both Abdul and his wife take great pleasure in educating their children at home, away from "mainstream" ideas and behaviors.

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