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gulzar313 January 14, 2015
great hero v salute you <3

SpiritofIslam January 07, 2015
Today is the Fist anniversary of Shaheed Aitizaz Hassan: A Pakistani school boy from Hangu District in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province who sacrificed his life while preventing a suicide bomber from entering his school on January 6, 2014.

redclock September 03, 2014
he is the real hero.... he saves many other atizaz hassan of his school... labbaik ya hossain a.s

AkmalZaidi April 17, 2014
....Hayhat Minna Zilla .......

qabeelabanohashim April 08, 2014
Marvelous documentary. This boy is my ideal. I wonder about the level of maturity and decision making skills of martyr Aitizaz in this young age. People don\'t have such guts even when are old! His father must be really proud as his son would be sitting with Mola Hussain in heaven right now!

hassanazh April 08, 2014
May Allah grant him higher place in Jannat and he was a true Momin who indeed sacrificed for Imam Hussain A.S.

AliAli April 06, 2014
Shaheed Aitizaz passed his test! It is the love of Sayed ush Shuhada (as) that is every mo\'min\'s driving force. Good script and production. Jazak Allah for keeping this martyr\'s memories alive!

mindmaster333 April 02, 2014
Great work.... Many people have praised Aitzaz Hasan .Most of gave him the title that he is MARTYR FOR EDUCATION but u people have depicted what AITZAZ ACTUALLY GAVE HIS LIFE FOR i.e LOVE OF HUSSAIN (a.s) I wish Pour local talent(people related to media) also recognizes the need to spread the message of Martyrs like this.

islam8 April 01, 2014
Salute to Br. Aitezaz and great work Brothers to create this Documentary


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