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khamenei123 February 03, 2012
labbaik ya khamenei

AliAli February 02, 2012
@munawwarhusain, you may also read the description of this video in English. English dubbing of the speech will be available in a few days too...

AliAli February 02, 2012
Must Watch speech especially for all the Muslim youth around the globe. The leader emphasized the presence of Muslim youth in the "ground". It is very critical for the ultimate success against dictators and hegemonic powers.

munwwarhusain February 02, 2012
Great speech plz. Urdu translet upload karne ki meharbani kare hame farsi samajhne me dikkat hoti hai wassalam

Mustazafeen February 01, 2012
Beautiful Speech - Hadf is Islam , Hadf is Just government of Islam , israel is Cancerous tumor , USA is Shaitane Akber [Great Satan].May Allah protect you Oh our Leader.


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