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shujahasan May 24, 2011
link for Part 30

mujtaba.ali May 24, 2011
plz upload the 30 episode

munwwarhusain May 15, 2011
Thanks upload p29 mukhtar namay plz upload urdu part

mahdi313 May 15, 2011
this episode was amazing. its so sad what kholi did to imam hussain. may god curse him and break his bones and let every bad thing that can ever happen, happen to him!

lover-of-Ali May 15, 2011
Thanks for uploaded next episode.

hassanazh May 14, 2011
Great camera work...Lanat ber Hur mala and all Yazidis

Noor-e-Hidayat May 14, 2011
Khuli beheading is awesome.


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