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smarty July 09, 2011
plx upload part 29 , 30 31 of mukhtar nameh soon , JazakAllah..

Ali.mirza May 14, 2011
My thanks to all who invovled in making n uploading these videos, Surley Allah n Ahlebait will give the rewards for this, Mashallah, Jazakallah, Alhomdolillah.....

fsttd May 12, 2011
salam un alaikum mukhtarnamah is the best serial, thanks for loading its 28 episode, but it is not clear, blurd and mukhtarnamah written on it, please load it again in clear form.thanks

[email protected] May 09, 2011
Please upload Mukhtar Namay in Urdu Language

hassanazh May 09, 2011
Really nice series and feeling happy since I saw shimer being Killed... Mola A.S. keep Kayan at high position in Jannah. Remaining I think there was some message behind shimer body n has been censored

munwwarhusain May 09, 2011
Thanks upload p28 mukhtar namay plz upload mukhtar nama urdu


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