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busyahussain July 18, 2011
ya ALI madad ;; this is a very best sourcee to know abou histroy which our shia nation need ,IMAM always helps u in ur life ,( bus ya hussain0

hassanazh April 29, 2011
it was said that Ameer Mukhtar wrote in that letter to wait in Savan and in that letter he asked him to come back.Remaining as I have started watching in persian now there is delay in next episodes :(

IRIBIN April 25, 2011
Excellent camera and good audio , great work by ?????? ??? ??? as Amir Mokhtar, I don't know how ebraheem return from Basra that early , isthat a trick by Mokhtar or really a Mirical?

mahdi313 April 24, 2011
amazing episode!!! i cant wait to watch the next episode :)

lover-of-Ali April 24, 2011
Thanks alot for upload next episode.

sbzb April 24, 2011
Excellent episode... Very nice


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