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mavonline March 27, 2011
Salamun Alaikum all, Initially the episodes were or around i guess 200Mbs but now it has reached till 600Mbs. Its hard to download big file. Can anyone help with lower file size or faster server?

lover-of-Ali March 24, 2011
Expectant for next episode is tough.

Faisal_shiatv March 22, 2011
tell about remaining episodes thanks

mahdi313 March 19, 2011
this ws such a nice part.sorry to let u all down i was also waitin for the next epsds but unfotuntly because of nowrooz IRIB wont b showing mokhtarnamay for two weeks :( may god grant us with patience.

majidnawaz70 March 14, 2011
jazbon ke sath hoshmandi ki jitni zaroorat hoti hai, woh milti ha Mukhrar namay p23.majid

shiachid March 13, 2011
What a wonderful episode. Mokhtar is such a brave warrior

lover-of-Ali March 12, 2011
Thanks alot for upload another good one episode.Thanks again and again

Noor-e-Hidayat March 12, 2011
Alhamdulil'Allah we are getting to the place where we will realize the importance of "Qataal" for the sake of Allah Subhan.

shiakid1 March 12, 2011
MashAllah, the vid is finally uploaded, seems like there r a lot of lessons to learn in here... like,women can help, too!


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