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shiachid February 28, 2011
Wahhab fought very bravely and now is in janna(heaven).

mahdi313 February 25, 2011
i agree with shiakid1 and ya_mahdi313. this movie serial is amazing and yes the hazrat wahab part was really sad... iis so hard to wait one whole week for each part... but definitely a must watch!!

shiakid1 February 04, 2011
@ya_mahdi313 Luv ur point.

ya_mahdi313 February 03, 2011
Amazing serial. everyone knows about Imam Hussain's story, but not many people know about Hazrat Mukthar's life and what happened after Karbala, so this movie is just perfect. Must watch!

shiakid1 January 31, 2011
:D That's True islam8. These videos have some major lessons for us to learn in them. I hope they come out with much better subtitles. InshAllah that will be soon. ;)

islam8 January 30, 2011
A lot to learn from this, it was beautifull to see the part where he showed his reliance on Allah ONLY and repent for not truly relying on Allah only. Also the part of the WAHAB was heart-breaking

shiakid1 January 30, 2011
I just luv these videos. Mukhtarnamay Rocks!!! Thanks to arab313 for posting this. :)


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