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sratansi10 May 21, 2022
Thank you very much for this video. Very enlightening. Definitely brings more responsibility on each one of us. Expose zionism, awaken the masses to the truths and realities

QaimTech May 18, 2022
Excellent speech bro, all your words are more than hundred percent true and depict reality ...interesting to see our brothers in Zahoor era, in quds rally 2022! LONGLIVE LEADER!

Fatimia May 17, 2022
السلام علیکم May Allah bless you Beother Muzaffar you are one of few scholar promoting true picture of the current situation you research well, present well and analyze well specially you are every video is with evidance from the supreme leader speeches the true Leader of Muslim Umma all scholars are respectful but wali-e- Faqih or in other words Global leader is only one Ayatullah Khamenai May Allah bless and safe him. You are one of the great and true media officer as Supreme leader says about you : "You are social Media Officer\'


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