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[email protected] January 05, 2020
we give condolences to his family. and u should be very proud that ur father was such a great man in the world.we love him even outside of Iran. i am from Azerbaijan and i say my dear brother Qasem Soleimani janam fadaye to ey sardare bozorge ma shiayan.we are proud that we had such a eternal hero in our Shia history.

[email protected] January 05, 2020
we give condolences to you. we are by you side my dear patient that ALMIGHTY ALLAH orders us to be .Harsh revenge will be taken as soon as practically possible! i am from Azerbaijan when i heard this bitter news i just shed my tears all day long for martyrdom of brother Qasem Soleimani.may his great soul be in eternal peace by Karbala martyrs side by side with his Sarvar imam Hussain pbuh.


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