[24 Oct 2013] Yemenis Shias mark Eid al Ghadir - English

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24   Oct   2013   Yemenis   Shias   mark   Eid   al   Ghadir   PTV   Presstv   English   Al   Ghadir   Day   has   been   commemorated   in   the   Yemeni   capital   by   Shia   community   who   believe   that   on   this   day   Prophet  

Al-Ghadir Day has been commemorated in the Yemeni capital by Shia community, who believe that on this day Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) appointed his cousin and son-in-law Ali Ibn Abi Taleb (AS) as the leader of Muslims more than fourteen centuries ago in the prophet\'s farewell speech. Prominent members of the Houthi community who spoke at the podium, said, that Al-Ghadir day is one of the most important events to occur in Islamic history- in which Ali ibn Abi Taleb (AS) was dignified and givev elevated status by God, the Almighty. The Houthi religious leader Abdul-Malik al Houthi also addressed the gathering via video conferencing from the north province of Sa\'ada. In his 40 minute speech, the Houthi leader highlighted the pressing issues facing the Muslim world. He said he believes the reason for chaos across the Islamic world- is their leaders who often seek protection and assistance from those he referred to as enemies of Islam. Houthis in Yemen say they look to commemorate Al-Ghadir Day every year by calling on all Muslim nations to relinquish dependency on the West. The Day of Al-Ghadir is significant in the Islamic history which is commemorated every year by Shia Muslims in Yemen. This is an auspicious day which many believe brought about the completion of the holy religion of Islam more than fourteen centuries ago.

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