London hosts conference on Shias plight - Press TV Report - English

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Muslims in the UK have held a conference to discuss terrorist attacks against Shia Muslims in Pakistan. The latest bombing in a bus left dozens dead. On Sunday morning a bomb hit a bus of Shia pilgrims in Quetta, Pakistan. Dozens were killed. It was a timely - if unwanted - reminder for the organisers of this conference in London. Held to highlight the plight of Shia\\\'s in Pakistan - an injustice being overwhelming ignored. it\\\'s hard to put a name or a face to the atrocities taking place in Pakistan. But here just a few of the 20,000 Shias killed are remembered. Young and old. Each with a story. In the end each killed brutally only because of their religion. The latest spate of sectarian violence in Pakistan is not the first - and almost certainly not the last. Sectarianism has always had roots in political motivation... By the 1970\\\'s the Islamic Revolution in Iran and the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan upped the ante. Afraid of the influence of the revolution and mixed with a desire to fight the soviets, tens of thousands of extremists were created and supported by the US and Saudi Arabia. Pakistan is one of the crossroads bearing the brunt It\\\'s hard to navigate through the minefield of politics. America fights the same extremists it funded against the soviets... And their victims are highlighted by the media and politicians in some cases, but not in the case of Pakistani Shia\\\'s. It is grave injustice, a part of a wider problem. That\\\'s why organisers here hope that shedding a light on the reality on the ground, and its causes, will be a first to a proper solution.

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