Shaitaan Defeated today- Imam Khomeini on event of Hostage of US embasy personal-Farsi

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ارزش   و   اهمیت   تسخیر   لانه   جاسوسی   khomeini   shaitan   iran   13   aban   Leader   of   the   Islamic   Revolution   Ayatollah   Seyyed   Ali   Khamenei   says   Iranian   youths     decades   ahead   of   their   time   when   usa   embassy  

Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei says Iranian youths were more than three decades ahead of their time when they called the former US Embassy in Tehran the den of espionage. The Leader was addressing a group of school and university students on the occasion of the Student Day which coincides with the takeover of the former US Embassy in Tehran by revolutionary students on November 4, 1979. “On that day, our youths named the US Embassy the \'den of espionage’ and today, after over three decades, US embassies in the European countries, which are American allies, are called nest of espionage,” said the Leader on Sunday, adding, “This shows that our youths were over 30 years ahead of the world calendar.” “The arrogant approach taken by the US has caused nations to distrust and loathe it. Moreover, experience has shown that any nation and government that trusts the US will be harmed, even if they are friends of the US,” the Leader noted. Ayatollah Khamenei also pointed to the ongoing nuclear negotiations between Iran and the UN Security Council\'s permanent members - Russia, China, France, the US and UK - plus Germany and defended the Iranian negotiating team against criticism. The Leader warned that no one should undermine or insult the negotiating team or label them as being inclined toward reaching a compromise over Iran\'s nuclear energy program. Ayatollah Khamenei stated that the negotiations will not harm the Iranian nation, but will be an experience for the nation, which will increase their analysis and thinking capacity, much like the experience of temporary suspension of uranium enrichment in 2003-2004. The Leader once again voiced skepticism about US intentions, saying, “A smiling enemy should not be trusted.” “I’m not optimistic about the ongoing negotiations because it is not known whether the nation will achieve its desired results. However, we believe there is no harm in such an experience provided that the nation is vigilant and knows what is going on,” said Ayatollah Khamenei. The Leader added, “The nuclear issue is merely a pretext and if, hypothetically, this issue is resolved with us backing down, they will find tens of other pretexts such as [Iran\'s] missile achievements, the Iranian nation’s opposition to the Zionist regime [of Israel], and the Islamic Republic’s support for the Resistance [Movement] to continue enmity with [our] beloved Iran,” Ayatollah Khamenei said. The Leader advised Iranian officials to carefully observe the statements and actions of the other side of the negotiations because “on the one hand, they smile and express willingness for dialogue, but on the other hand, they immediately say ‘all options are on the table.’”

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