[21 Jan 2014] The Debate - israeli Settlement (P.2) - English

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21   Jan   2014   The   Debate   Israeli   Settlement   Part   2   PTV   Presstv   English   Israel   approves   plans   to   build   more   than   two   thousand   new   settler   units   in   Jerusalem   al   Quds   and   the   occupied   West   Bank   As   Israe  

Israel approves plans to build more than two thousand new settler units in Jerusalem al-Quds and the occupied West Bank. As Israeli soldiers hand out more eviction orders to Palestinian families, we\'re asking is Tel Aviv under enough international pressure to stop its settlement activities that the UN has called illegal? Are the US-brokered talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority doomed? I\'m Homa Lezgee and you\'re watching the Debate. Guests: - Political Activist & Commentator, Kevin Ovenden (London). - Senior Fellow, Hudson Institute, Richard Weitz (Washington). Subjects: 1- Some observers say Israel\'s settlement expansions at this point in time are in fact meant to undermine talks since Israel is not interested in a two-state solution...do you agree? 2- Is a two-state solution possible? 3- Israel\'s economy minister Naftali Benner has said a two-state solution will harm Tel Aviv and that the establishment of an independent Palestinian state will destroy Israel\'s economy...what does that say about Israel\'s willingness for talks to get anywhere? 4- There was some friction between Tel Aviv and Washington when an Israeli minister said John Kerry\'s proposal on the Jordan Valley wasn\'t worth the paper it was written on and suggested that Kerry was naïve. How have the settlement expansions effected US-Israeli relations? 5- Is the US going to put enough pressure on Israel to stop the settlement expansions? 6- \"Israel teaching the US a lesson since the Obama administration is being a bit too serious\"... 7- What do you think about the EU position against settlements? Will a growing boycott, divestment and sanctions campaign help? 8- Should Israel be taking the academic and economic sanctions more seriously? 9- Similarities between Israel and South African apartheid regime... 10- How long is this stalemate going to last? How long can Israel continue to defy international law?

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