[08 Aug 2012] US uses al Qaeda for military adventure - English

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[08 Aug 2012] US uses al Qaeda for military adventure - English The Israeli spy chief says Tel Aviv supports regime change in Syria, amid ongoing efforts by the anti-Syria governments to oust President Bashar al-Assad. "I hope it (regime change in Syria) will happen, even though I don't know when or how," Dan Meridor, who also serves as the deputy prime minister of the Tel Aviv regime, said on Tuesday. He also expressed "hope" that the "new Syria will understand that joining Iran is a mistake that brings isolation from the Western world." The latest remarks by the Israeli official come as anti-Syria Western regimes along with Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar have been supporting insurgents inside Syria. Press TV has conducted an interview with Hamid Reza Emadi, a political commentator, to further shed light on the issue.

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