Protesters in Washington back Egypt uprising - 28 Jan 2011 - English

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Demonstrations took place around the country Friday in support of the mass protests in Egypt this week. At the National Press Club in Washington, Egyptian leaders gathered to ask the White House to stand with the Egyptian people in their demands to the nation's government. The United States has expressed its firm support for the Mubarak regime and although vague expressions of concern for the freedoms of the Egyptian people have been made, an outright denunciation of Hosni Mubarak is yet to be heard. Dr. Samia Harris of the Alliance of Egyptian Americans had this message for Vice President Joe Biden in response to his affirmation of the Mubarak government. Egyptian rights activist Dr. Saad Eddin Ibrahim called the events in Egypt as a revolution, and in response to a question about the impact of revolution on the United States' so-called War on Terror, he had this to say: After the press conference, demonstrators rallied in front of the White House to make their demands known. These include withdrawing military and economic aid from Egypt, which is the second highest recipient of foreign aid from the U.S. after Israel, at an annual $2 billion. Though the world's eye is currently transfixed on Egypt, these demonstrators turn to the White House in demanding an end of U.S. support for the Mubarak regime.

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