Al Jazeera trying to be Sky News - Viva Palestina Report on Al Jazeera - 29dec09 English

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AJE's Sohail Rahman reports and discusses Egypt's decision to block the Viva Palestina Convoy from entering Egypt at Nuweiba. Includes commentary from Institute of Palestinian Studies' Mouin Rabbanu and a live(ly!) phone interview with George Galloway at the Jordan/Syria Jaber border crossing. The Viva Palestina aid convoy to Gaza which left London on December 6th has been blocked from entering Egypt, they were held at the Jordanian port of Aqaba. The Convoy, which is made up of more than 200+ vehicles, planned to reach Rafah on December 27th but has now re-routed back to the Syrian port of Lattakia and will sail to Egypt's Mediterranean port of El-Arish. Get News & Follow the convoy:

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