[12 Aug 2012] Iran takes two bronze medals in wrestling - English

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[12 Aug 2012] Iran takes two bronze medals in wrestling - English Komeil Ghasemi took a bronze in the 120 KG freestyle wrestling after beating the USA's Tervel Diagnev. Ghasemi won the first period after opening up a 4-0 lead in the first 20 seconds. Dlagnev took the scoreless second period in a sudden-death clinch, before Ghasemi sealed bronze with a winning point just nine seconds from the final hooter. Afterwards Ghasemi dedicated his vctory to the people of Iran. The 120 KG title went to Uzbekistan's remarkable Artur Taymazov who clinched his third consecutive Olympic gold. Meanwhile, three-time Asian champion Naser Ehsan Lashgari claimed the bronze in the men's 84 KG category by beating Bulgaria's world junior silver medallist Ibrahim Bolukbasi. 26 year old Lashgari only needed two periods to win the contest, using his wealth of experience to defeat his opponent 3-2, 3-0.

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