[FULL] President Ahmadinejad at UN - 23Sep09 - English

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President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad addressing at General Debate of the 64th Session (2009) at United Nations on 23 September 2009. HIGHLIGHTS: Humans must be respected to build a brighter world... World economy has been damaged by unbridled capitalism... Political leaders must stop their hypocricy whilst in power... Inhuman policies in Palestine are inexcusable... Israeli oppression is mis-represented as self defence... Bloody wars in middle east are totally unacceptable... You can't preach peace whilst projecting military force... World decisions suit only a few greedy interests... Liberalism and Capitalism have destroyed morality... Greedy Capitalism has failed and will be swept away... Some so-called leaders have removed themselves from true human values... Security Council must be reformed and veto removed... Muslims, Christians and Jews should coexist peacefully... Spiritual and Moral values should guide world policy... I won a large majority in elections and will lead Iran... No nation can claim to be free from the need to reform... Obedience to God is the only way towards real progress... PERFECTION OF IDIVIDUALS IS MANKIND'S MISSION... I believe in a bright spiritual future for mankind...

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